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Gaia Host Collective's Green Energy Grant 2006

The Grant Process

For the previous two years 2005/6 and 2006/7 we offered green energy grants to help do our part to grow new, local, and distributed renewable energy. We've chosen to grant directly to projects being installed instead of buying "Renewable Energy Credits" or "Carbon Offsets", so that our impact is now.

Previous Grants Awarded

2005/6: $1,400 Awarded to Sirius Community, a non-profit educational center and aspiring ecological community based in Shutesbury, Massachusetts that was installing a 4 killowatt photovoltaic array on their community center.

2006/7: $2,000 Awarded to Matt Lampiasi ($500) for an addition of more panels to an existing photovoltaic array on his home in Western Massachusetts. And, awarded $1,500 to University of the Wild for improvements to their off-grid solar system at their education center in Petersham, MA.

If you'd like to contact us with a good idea for our renewable energy funds for 2008, please email us at: .

Calculating Our Environmental Impact

We've been continuing to refine our methods to calculate our environmental impact since we original calculated our "carbon footprint" in 2005 to be 15,374 pounds. That may not sound like a lot, but that is because we follow some core business processes to be as efficient as possible from the start.

In 2008 we expect to add more criteria into our environmental impact calculations, so that we can continue to become more efficient by reducing the hot areas... and to help focus how much we should grant for new renewables projects.

Learn more about our research into environmental impact assessment

About Gaia Host

Gaia Host Collective is a worker-owned cooperative located in western Massachusetts that provides web and email hosting, managed servers, colocated servers, and managed web applications. We aim to show it is possible to have a good business and a small environmental footprint.