Help and Technical Support

If you are in need of technical support for an existing Account you can:
  1. Email us: We will endeavor to respond to your email as soon as possible. If you do not get a response within your desired timeframe, please call us at our phone number below to escalate your request to the top of our list.
  2. For site outages or other interruptions of service please call our Urgent Support Line at anytime: 1-800-672-8060 x0. We will respond within 15 minutes.
    International: +1-413-241-6269
  3. Just need e-mail server settings? Check our reference page. Internet-mail-3
  4. FAQs, tutorials, and more self-help resources are available at our Community Information Center.
  5. To see what our support covers, check out: Gaia Host Support Scope

For Sales Inquiries:

  1. Sales Email:
  2. Call our Sales department at extension 801 (1-800-672-8060). Use the "urgent" extension (x0) if appropriate.
    International: +1-413-241-6269

Terms of Service

The most current version of our Terms of Service is available online.

Server Status

There are no current Status Alerts - all services are operational.

Recent Maintenance Events

  • 2016-08-03 08:32 PM to 2016-08-03 10:00 PM: Affected Services: Web Host and Database Service

    Aug. 3 as of 8:32p US Eastern one web server cluster is having performance issues

    We are actively working on this issue. Web and database service if you are in the "taiga" cluster is slow or offline.

    Update at 10:00 US Eastern

    Service has been restored for all customers in this cluster between 9:35p and 10:00p US Eastern. Some review is continuing on a few customers with some database server errors persisting with their sites.

    Update at 10:20 US Eastern

    After further review all sites testing ok. All clear.

There is no currently scheduled maintenance.