Internet Hosting Services

We provide a complete offering of the services needed to establish and maintain your organization's web and email presence on the Internet. If you are just a beginner, feel free to give us a call. Intermediate and advanced customers can use the service list below to browse and customize an account.

Domain Registration

We provide private domain registration services for the following domain endings. You can register and park a domain for the cost listed below. If you are ready to host your email or web site, you get 1 free domain per hosting account (not including .coop domains).

.com - $10/year .net - $10/year .org - $10/year
.us - $10/year .biz - $10/year .info - $10/year
.coop - $120/year

Domain Registration Availability

Enter the domain you would like to register below.

Domain Registration $10/year*
One Free Domain with Every Hosting Package

Free offer includes domains ending with .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, .info. Domains ending with .coop are $120/yr, and are eligible for our Coop Ally discount.

Virtual Hosting Packages

With the hosting packages below, your domain, email, ftp, and/or web site will be hosted on one of our servers that is also shared with other customers. A shared solution is usually the most cost-effective and reliable service for any small to medium sized organization or business. All the packages below can be customized, just click on the learn more link to create your personalized hosting package suited especially for your needs.

Email Hosting Only

  • $5.00/MO
  • Email Hosting @yourdomain, Spam and Virus Filtering

Web & Email Hosting (Basic)

  • $10.00/MO
  • FREE Domain Registration, Email Hosting, Web Hosting

Web Application & Email Hosting (Advanced)

  • $25.00/MO
  • FREE Domain Registration, Business Email, Web Hosting for Heavy Web Applications

Web Application & Email Hosting (Standard)

  • $15.00/MO
  • FREE Domain Registration, Email Hosting, Web Hosting, PHP, MySQL, CGI, Ruby on Rails

Domain Registration

  • FREE Setup
  • $10.00/YR
  • Domain Registration with Parking or Web-Forward

Domain Registration with DNS

  • FREE Setup
  • $20.00/YR
  • Domain Registration with self-managed DNS service

Virtual Server Hosting

  • $110.00/MO
  • All the advantages of a dedicated server, but at a fraction of the cost.

Broadcast E-mail

  • $10.00/MO
  • Easily create & send email campaigns.

Discussion Lists

  • $5.00/MO
  • Easily managed discussion list service for up to 1000 subscribers.

Tiny Site Web Hosting

  • $5.00/MO
  • FREE Domain Registration, Web Host

Drupal Security Maintenance

  • $35.00/MO
  • We'll install Security Updates for the modules on your Drupal website.

Wordpress Security & Management

  • FREE Setup
  • $15.00/MO
  • We'll manage Version & Security Updates for your Wordpress website.

Managed High-Traffic Web Servers

Gaia Host provides Managed Services for larger web sites with traffic from 50,000 - 10 million page views per month.

We offer a variety of hardware profiles and managed upgrade options available to meet your organization’s changing needs. Start small, grow big, and gracefully deal with large traffic spikes.

Click to learn more about our Managed High-Traffic Web Servers